Sustainable Livelihoods Training
Tuesday, 13 September 2011 09:02
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Gamos has made an alliance with the University of Reading, and taken a role in the management of Acroatics, a company dedicated to short course training. The lead trainer is Dermot Shields who has a long track record of training DFID (UK) staff in governance and is widely recognised as a key expert in this area. Dermot also managed and ran short courses at the University of Reading during the 1990's, until reorganisation and other priorities within the University led to a management decision to stop. Acroatics has been created to leverage the University as a Centre of Excellence, while releasing the day to day management of short courses to the private sector.

Dermot has developed an interesting overview of development which is summarised in a key diagram. It plots the actors and their key relationships. All courses and their subject areas can be assigned to parts of the diagram, and the acroatics site shows how the courses relate to each other (view flash diagram). Participants are encouraged to come on a mix of courses to get the most from their travel.

Acroatics is also running a few bespoke courses overseas, and intends to work towards delivering the core courses in key locations in the future.

Visit the dedicated site here