Digital Bridges for Vocational and Education Training
Tuesday, 13 September 2011 09:16
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This project, funded by DFID and undertaken by Big World in collaboration with Gamos Ltd., aimed to assess the value of multimedia and Internet based resource creation and collaboration in extending the ability of training centres to train effectively. The focus was on centres responding to the needs of the poor; delivering training which improves employment opportunities and therefore the livelihoods of trainees and their communities.

  • Digital Video used to enhance capability of training centres in East Africa
  • Collaborators moved from a relatively disengaged and hesitant position towards engagement with the medium and acceptance of its application
  • The use of the Internet to promote networking was found to have severe practical limitations and had low acceptance. The rich media being created were handled through offline delivery and networking
  • The group of three collaborators have established an apparently sustainable and continuing programme of content creation for vocational training
  • The model of regional collaboration is believed to have wider application in local content creation

rootAs the project went on it became clear that despite the offer of support for upgrading Internet connectivity, there were real hurdles to this taking place. In some cases (ie for KHC and Selam) the monopoly ISP offered a very limited service, so increased bandwidth, and the opportunity to transfer large files, was not possible. Furthermore unreliability and lack of individuals with email accounts resulted in the Internet not being perceived as the medium of choice for communication and collaboration.

The three collaborators based in Kenya and Uganda, moved from being sceptical about the realities of ICT use in their current educational systems, to a positive ownership of the ideas, an ongoing sustainable creation of local content and a collaboration between themselves and others. In addition, the study recorded evidence that the three 'active' collaborators were continuing the initiative after the conclusion of the formal study.

A Summary report is available to read here: Digital Bridges For Vocational And Educational Training - Summary 

The full report can be read here: Digital Bridges For Vocational And Educational Training - Final Report