Difference in Differences
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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 15:08
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Finally!!!   After 30 years of seeking a robust method that can identify the added value of a complex programme we think we have found the key tool.   Difference in Differences analysis is not new, its been used in the health and education professions for years.  However, we have not seen it applied to complex programme of social interventions - and happy to have that challenged - please! point us to other studies!  With the increasing analytical strength of statistical software packages, and their stability, difference in differences analyses have become a practical and not to expensive reality.

In 2011 we complete a Difference in Differences study for an Faith Based NGO working with the church and HIV.  Undertaking a household survey within the first 6 months of the three year programme and at the end of the programme, the data has been analysed using a Difference in Differences approach.  And what a Difference!  Out of some 100 variables, there are clear statistically valid differences of differences on about 30% of them - the hard work and the added value of the programme is very clear.  

We think Difference in Differences is a cost effective mechanism for illustrating evidentially the impact of complex social mobilisation programmes of development.   More to come.

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